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10 types of friends that you should not be close, even once in a lifetime
January 04 2019, 3:40 PM
How to know the fake guys are hiding in those invisible masks. Let's take a look at some points to identify the best friends you shouldn't play.

Colorful life always causes you headaches, always making you choose to make you face a dozen complex problems. In it, choosing friends is extremely simple but extremely difficult.

Because friends are divided into many categories

The ancients had the sentence “choose you to play” so we need to take some time to select and classify who is really fit to become a friend, and if it is “raft” it is best to avoid far away and there shouldn’t be any more Ǫцап ʜệ anymore. Because if you continue, you only have to spend more time and make yourself feel more confident about true friendship in this life.

How to know the fake guys are hiding in those invisible masks. Let’s take a look at some points to identify the best friends you shouldn’t play:

1. Friends who only come to you when they need help

There are friends for a billion years who don’t contact, don’t call ƉіƉп or text you. And then on a beautiful day, you get their message and the content is nothing more than structure: “What are you doing … give me a little help?” Or “how are you going? Do you have money? let me borrow it … ”

2. 2 sided-face friends

This type of friend is extremely dangerous because they can be willing to hurt you to achieve your goal.

This type of person often hides under the “buddy” label that always shows you close, shows sympathy and confides to you, but after your back, tell you about your private life. with other people.

If you are lucky enough to find it in time, quickly end this friendship because the longer you are, the more it will turn into a puppet, a pastime for others.

3. Mean Friends who often envy with you

This is a popular type of friend, you will have to face anywhere regularly: in school, at work, or in society.

This kind of friend always shows resentment about the successes of others. When you have more points than they are immediately looking for ways to immerse you by being new. So take care to see when you get a high score, be praised by a teacher, have a perfect lover or be promoted to an agency that shows an attitude of exasperation, sarcasm or dealing with you completely. before, be careful, that is exactly the type of friend that is envious and extremely calculating.

4.The friend is only present when you are happy

This kind of friend I’ve ever encountered and also witnessed quite a lot. When precious glory, when you are respected by many people, you also have a lot of friends around. Someday, you make a mistake, encounter a certain event, immediately the number of friends decreased by 90%. Those are people who only play with you for the sake of taking advantage, and 10% of those who stay with you are the true ones. Try to respect and treat them well because in this life to find someone who truly considers you to be really hard.

5. Friends always depend on you and ask you unconditionally

This type of friend should also consider carefully before playing along. When playing together, you consider them to be close, so they always live hard, ready to help without calculation. But there is one thing, when you see that you are enthusiastic and cannot refuse, they think that you can easily rely on you to do everything without doing anything.

This type of friend is not rare in today’s society. When you are a competent person, good learning always does the tasks well. When there is a job that needs to work in a group, those who are calculating or relying on them will definitely be in the same group as you because they are close friends. And so it is cavalier not to worry while you make up for overburdened workloads, when all the results are the same, those friends don’t care about your efforts. .

That kind of friend should be “next” as soon as possible.

6. The friend always fails to promise, never on time

Please review the list of friends who have at least 3 failed appointments, slowly review and see if you and them are suitable to continue with your friends. If you are a close friend, you will never want to promise yourself, unless it is a special case that cannot be done otherwise. For those who fail to promise, you should review it. Because they only accepted their words so that they could not see what they were doing and of course they never needed to do what they had promised.

If you have been experiencing such situations, it is best to consider ending your friendship because trying to play with each other has no good results at all.

7. The friends who laugh silently on your pain

If it’s true friends, it can laugh at you every time you fall, when you fall in love … but then find a way to pull you up from the mud and heal your wounds. There are also categories that you show interest every time you encounter a problem but before that it was able to smile “smirk” one by one, it is very happy in the abdomen.

This type of person is usually very smart and very difficult for you to know. But just be a little observant, look at the face and the action, you will realize the artificiality in it.

8. Friends who play with you just to be the head

In life, it is not uncommon for only those who want to be the best, do not want anyone to compete with the leader with me. Such people tend to play with lesser ones than themselves so that when the outsider looks in, the contrast and the difference between you and him will be immediately seen.

So even though I’m a bit inferior, don’t be too dependent on the better ones. Because when you go with them you only have the role as a backdrop for people to shine.

9. Friends totally when you no longer play together

When I was close to each other, a pair of torn shoes of the other person also promoted me into a category one. But when they no longer play close to each other, even how their legs and feathers are bad. When you see someone who is always talking, talk to others, it is best to avoid it because it is very likely that the target will be you.

10. Friends think that what they say is all true

A group of friends is close to each other, or when working together often appears the kind of people who always consider themselves the most, their opinions are always correct. Unable to listen to anyone’s comments, if anyone unintentionally comments on their comments, they are immediately attentive and anxious.

Such arbitrary people in society are not rare. Most are home-grown, pampered and never considered anyone out. People like this are very difficult to integrate with the community and often never do anything by leaving their parents’ arms.

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