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10 types of food with an unbelievably long shelf life, the fourth type can be up to 4,000 years
December 26 2018, 10:04 AM
Sometimes the expiry date printed on the packaging is not the deadline to use that product. Let's check the real shelf life.

Every day, a lot of products are thrown into the trash because of expiry date, although they are still edible. The cause comes from the insecure feeling of users. Have you ever wondered if any food would last for tens of years, sometimes “no expiry date”? The following are foods with an unbelievably long shelf life.

1. Rice – 20 years

We often think that rice is susceptible to termites but in fact, if stored in a dry place, the tolerance of white rice can be more than 20 years. Of course, the longer the nutritional and aromatic flavor of rice is lost, but does not mean that they cannot be used.

2. Canned food

With advanced and modern packaging techniques, canned food can last up to 30 years and still have the same taste as when it was first produced. However, this is a dish not very good for your health, should only be used when absolutely necessary, should not be eaten regularly.

3. Dried pea seeds – 30 years

Research by scientists at Brigham Young University (USA) has discovered that, after 30 years, the beans are dried, despite a major change in appearance but they are safe for users. After 30 years, although the overall quality of the bean has decreased, the ratio of protein in beans is still acceptable.

4. Honey – 4000 years to infinite

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient type of honey in Egyptian pyramids dating back about 4,000 years ago, and by the time they were discovered, they were still edible! If left for a long time, honey will be frozen, but you just need to heat them up, honey will return to its original state immediately.

The shelf life of honey is almost limitless if you store it in a dry and well-ventilated container in a sealed jar, not exposed to much air. However, only applies to real honey types, while honey does not guarantee quality, contains too much sugar or artificial sweeteners, the shelf life is shorter.

5. Alcohol – very long time

When left in place for a long time, due to oxidation, the flavor of spirits will change, and due to evaporation, its weight will decrease, but still be drinkable.

6. Peanut butter – for a long time

Think of butter as we think of a refrigerator because almost all butter is stored in a refrigerator. However, for peanut butter, you do not need to store it in the refrigerator, the amount of oil in it will always keep the steam from entering to damage the butter. Its shelf life is very long and as long as you feel its taste is good, it can still be safe for you to use.

7. Corn flour – very long

Cornstarch, also known as cornstarch, is a food if properly stored and stored (not exposed to air or water), they will have a shelf life that goes beyond expectations.

8. Salt – forever

Not surprisingly, salt is listed as a long-term food on Earth. Because salt is a mineral. However, if your salt jar has an additional iodine content, they can only stay the same quality for a year. After this time, iodine activity will disappear and become normal salt.

9. Sugar- permanent


Granulated sugar and powdered sugar should preferably be stored in a sealed container, not allowing outside air to enter. Retail stores require manufacturers to set production dates and expiry dates on packaging. But in fact, how long the sugar is and whether it melts or forms sugar can still be used.

10. Vinegar – infinite

Vinegar is a product with no shelf life. But to get that, make sure to store vinegar in sealed containers, place in a cool place, away from heat and not exposed to the sun. Although vinegar does not cause any harm, the taste will change slightly after about 5-10 years.

Knowing the exact expiry date of the food, do not arbitrarily throw away the food. Most importantly, don’t let any excess food but eat it to store it.

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