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10 sleeping habits make your belly looked pregnant
August 02 2018, 2:46 PM
Not for women, these habits also make men' belly become beer. 

Sleep affects your body a lot, so lacking of sleep or having bad habits before sleeping will disturb the hormones , which makes the body lose control and gain weight quickly. It is important to adjust your eating and sleeping habits.

Let’s find out 10 habits cause weight gain when sleeping!

1. Eating is too close to bedtime

Midnight dinners and snacks prevent body heat from decreasing and increase insulin levels in the body when sleeping. As a result, low levels of melatonin and human growth hormone are produced during sleep. So stop eating at least 3 hours before going to bed!

2. Sleeping is in the light

Even small amounts of light can interfere with the production of melatonin and human growth hormones.  It contributes to hormone imbalance, which causes you to gain weight continuously. So people should sleep in the dark environment and keep electrical devices at least 1m away!

3. Drinking a lot before sleeping

Drinking water before bedtime can certainly increase the need of urination at midnight. It will make your natural sleep interrupted. If you turn on the lights when going to the bathroom, you will fall into a interrupt condition of melatonin production. So stop drinking at least two hours before bedtime!

4. Doing exercise is late at night

Doing exercise can certainly help you sleep more deeply, but you should do it early in the day because doing exercising at night will make your body heat increased significantly, and it also prevents melatonin production. So, you should do exercise before bedtime at least 3 hours.

5. Watching TV or using laptop before bedtime

Many people like to watch television programs, check email or surf the internet at night, but spending too much time in front of a computer or TV screen can increase the noradrenaline and dopamine hormones, which makes you have difficulties in sleeping.

6. Keeping the room’s temperature is too warm

Many people enjoy sleeping in the warm temperature, but the environment can prevent  good sleep. So sleep in a cool environment, under 22 ° C.

7. Wearing tight clothes when sleeping

Beside the comfortable feeling, suitable pajamas can help sleep more deeply. Wearing tight clothes at bedtime can increase body temperature, reduce melatonin secretion and increase hormone secretion. So the best choice is to sleep nude (no wearing) or avoid wearing tight and heavy clothes.

8. People don’t receive enough light when waking up

Melatonin falls to the lowest level in the morning. If you are still in the dark, your body won’t receive the signal that it is time to wake up and start the day. So, you should open the curtains, the natural light appears rightly after waking up.

9. Lack of sleeping

The latest study finds that people sleeping eight hours each day will live longer than those don’t get enough sleep. Lack of sleeping causes you to feel hungry, which leads to increase insulin. Therefore, you should sleep at least 7-8 hours each day.

10. Going to bed late

Sleeping late causes hormonal imbalance, as it increases cortisol, decreases leptin and exhausts the human growth hormone. It can also make us eat a lot and interrupt the metabolism in the body.

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