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10 fashion disaster in 2018 make your eyes wide open and utter “How I use these items”
January 03 2019, 10:28 AM
There are top 10 fashion ideas that make most controversial in 2018 because of weirdness and inapplicability.
  1. Boots inspired by Ugg boots of Y/Project

Paris Fashion Week 2018

  1. Head bag instead of hand bag

Gucci show

  1. A new level of mix-match

Asia Fashion Collection

  1. Dart board dress

Fall-winter London fashion week 2018

  1. Dressing like a ninja

Fall-winter Show 2018

  1. It may call half of a jeans

Fashion Nova

  1. Spring insole Sneakers

Fall-winter Show 2018

  1. High heels combine Cross sandals


  1. Bag in shape of cold storage container

Alexander Wan

  1. Weird mask

Spring-Summer collection 2019

Lan Le

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