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10 beauty tips cost only 50 cent help women have white skin – pretty – clean – fragrant
December 07 2018, 2:59 PM
You will have "pure natural" beauty over time with beauty tips that are both safe and effective below.

1. Skincare routine takes 10 seconds each week to have ruddy-skin

Scrub is a skin care step taken every week to help natural white skin. Just cut the tomatoes into thin slices, and sprinkle some sugar into them. Gently rub your skin from the inside out, from the bottom up like a washing face machine. Keep doing for 10 minutes and rinse with water. Use this mixture once a week, you will have smooth skin.

2. Have long and thick eyelashes by habit of 3 seconds each night

Want your eyelashes long and thick, then treat your eyelashes with a vaseline every night, for a few weeks, your eyelashes so curled and long than before.

3. Apply eyebrow to folds for only 5 seconds, no need for shaping tools

Give a few drops of Vaseline to the old mascara brush and just brush a few lines so that the messy brows will go into the folds immediately.

4. Remove dark-circles under your eyes in 5 minutes with the available ingredients

Bright eyes will help your face radiant and younger. To remedy dark circles you can soak 2 cotton pads in a glass of cold milk. Then you put them on your eye. Tea bag is also quite good tip that many people use!

5. Moisturize lips do not cost any money

You can mix yogurt with carrot juice and apply the mixture to your lips and leave it for 7 minutes. Then rinse with water to have soft lips. In addition, in cold winter, you should apply a layer of vaseline to the lips and then go to bed. You will be surprised because the next morning the lips are smooth and no dry crack.

6. Lighten your teeth without going to the dentist every month

First, crush the activated carbon (available at drug stores) and mix in water to form a paste mixture. Then, use a toothbrush to put the mixture on the tooth, brush it within 5-10 mins so that the stick can absorb all the dirt on your teeth. Finally, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water to remove plaque and brush your teeth with normal toothpaste.

7. Get rid of blackhead tips at home, do once a week, your nose will be clean

This blackhead will turn into moles for a long time, making your face ugly. To remove blackheads, you can apply a layer of vaseline and then cover with food wrap to soften the pores and clean. Then apply a mixture of half a tablespoon of milk glue with activated charcoal to cover the clean skin. After about 10-15′ the mask is dry then stripped out.

8. Make your hair smoother than using the conditioner

If the hair is often bent, the dye will easily dry fiber. You can take a banana mixed with olive oil and mix them together and whisk them together. Finally add two teaspoons of honey and one teaspoon of yogurt. Then you make it with wet hair in 30′ with a bath cap.

9. Hand-foot care without lotion

Use some hand cream or lotion on your hands and elbows before going to sleep. Your hands will soft completely different the next day.

10 . Clean your nails in 3 seconds of life

There is a trick that is to soak your fingers in lemon juice within 15 minutes or rub directly into the sliced lemon slices. Thanks to the superior cleansing properties of lemon, your nails will be stronger and shinier.

With these tips you can build up your beauty. Try to keep 10 habits of this beauty tips to be always confident and beautiful!

Dieu Linh

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